Food diary // eating clean

WB: 19.06.17

As I mentioned in my previous post getting motivated, feeling energised, getting fit and altogether finally feeling happier with myself has been of prime to me lately. I feel as though a lot of these factors have a huge common link – what I eat. I am, unfortunately, one of those people who constantly feels guilty after they have indulged in something ‘naughty’. Surprisingly even with all my diet doubts, my eating habits weren’t that bad, just slightly erratic to be honest. Some days fueling myself with numerous large black coffees and generally one whole meal a day to a contrasting constant sugar nibbler or ‘binger’.

You would think that following a vegan diet that I should have no problem with eating healthy and being ‘thin’, but I feel that over the years I fell victim to “too much of a good thing”. I confessed previously that my ideas on my body image and self-esteem have always been low and because of this I have often found it difficult to manage basic instincts towards food such as; portion control, or guilty feelings, or allowing myself to eat certain things even if they were good for me. So, me expressing that I want to eat better and get healthy may seem like it should be easy, however for me it will involve overcoming many barriers I have built over the last 10 years – and as cheesy as it sounds I want to take myself on a new ‘journey’ with food and fitness and finally achieve that feeling of content within myself.

However, moving on… I have really enjoyed the last few weeks pretty much totally eating clean – apart from a few treats which I have allowed myself and worked my ass off at the gym 6 times a week to warrant! I would say that a majority of my meals are raw based, however, that usually depends on the ingredients I have available and meal ideas I feel a craving for.





As you can see I have a love of greens!

The first set of pictures – set in my new favourite bowl – include (1) plum tomato cous cous with fresh kale, stemmed broccoli & green beans finished with a sweet chilli hummus and balsamic drizzle. (2) Oriental stir fry mix with Chinese cabbage, carrot ribbons, broccoli, green beans and edamame beans topped with my home made ratatouille. (3) Gently sauteed kale, green beans, broccoli and onion on top of herby cous cous, accompanied with organic hummus.
In the second set; (1) Garlic lentils with dry roasted sprouts, aubergine and beetroot, (2) garlic lentils with courgette ‘noodles’, stemmed broccoli and kale.

I think it’s clear to see some of the staple objects in my fridge… in the mornings I have also been having golden syrup porridge made with soya milk and a chopped banana. I have also been trying to cut down my caffeine intake and instead up my water game, aiming for 2L of plain water a day not including additional beverages on top of that.

All in all, I do feel more content with what I’m eating. I’m actually eating more than I did before but now I feel less guilty about it because it’s helping to give me the energy that I need to train so hard. I’m slowly turning my brain back on to my side, I’ll get there eventually I just need to keep on the right track and enjoy what I’m doing and the rest will (hopefully with wishful thinking) fall into place.

23 years and 9 months into my life and I’m finally attempting to take a stance.. better late than never I guess!




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