Life update // wellbeing ft. diet and fitness

WB: 29.05.17

So, it’s safe to say I haven’t achieved my weekly blogging goal recently. In all fairness I haven’t been doing anything totally major but I have had things I had planned to write about such as; recipes, art shows, hill walks but I guess I put off each post too long for me to write about it. To be honest, I’ve been feeling quite down recently so I haven’t had much motivation to keep up with anything lately, I’ve felt quite overwhelmed with a few things in my life the last few weeks and I’ve mainly just been focussing on powering on and getting threw in my daily life that online life has been on the back burner.

But I felt that it was finally time to get out of my funk. I wanted to get back into blogging mode to begin with, so that I had something to help motivate me and express positive occurrences – so this is exactly what I need to push myself to do.

Being honest, I think the biggest part of my ‘down streak’ has been caused by feeling quite lonely recently. In all fairness, I live by myself but to me that wasn’t something that has contributed to those feelings – my flat is actually one of the only places I feel secure and protected from outside feelings, my little one bed bubble of protection. One of the the main things that’s hit me is the fact that my course has technically ended until September, granted I still have 1/3 of my dissertation to complete before I go back but that’s different, that’s my own individual research project. Studying a geography course you get so used to people being around you, my class is technically quite small as the Human Geography class count is probably around 25-30 people. So although I might not speak to everyone in my course, I’m still used to having daily human contact with a number of people and now that most have headed back home for the Summer I can’t help but feel quite alone in the city. The biggest aspect carrying on from this, is that my boyfriend has also had to head back home for the Summer due to work commitments. Although we are adamant that we commit and see each other every few weeks, it’s not quite the same to waking up each morning beside him – probably the biggest hit of all.

Another issue that I have been struggling with particularly recently – but let’s not lie – pretty much everyday of my whole existence from as far back as I can remember, my body image struggles / body positivity. It always happens to me, as soon as I feel a bit down about one thing something else has to get in my head as well, like my brain can’t help itself. However in general, this is something I need to concur, at 23 I’ve had enough and it’s finally about time I stick to something that can change this.

So, a big step in the right direction for me is just to boost my positivity and motivation along with my outlook on my little life. Key things, which will probably inspire my next few blog posts are ways in which in trying to focus and fix this mentality of mine. A big thing is my diet and fitness regime which I’ve always been quite keen on however like most I do go through phases where I fall off the waggon.. the chip n’ dip temptation is sometimes too much! Im determined to reach my Summer body goals not just for the next 3 months but get into these habits and healthy lifestyle so that I can take it with me back into the rest of my life I guess.. A big follow on point from this is cooking fresh & budgeting my food spending. I always think I’m good at doing this, but I know I can be better. I’m someone who does a clean and healthy food shop then a few days in go for a snack binge evening and end up throwing away money on fatty foods and making myself feel guilty, which I just don’t need. Instead I’ve started bulk making and a kind of food prep for the week.


For example, above was my delish dinner from this evening: garlic lentils with sautéed green beans, kale and courgette spaghetti – it was so good and so filling not to mention totally good for me! I’m going to repeat this recipe on Thursday and break it up tomorrow by having a spicy Mexican style rice & bean dish I made last night.

Although some might say these are small factors to change, I know for a fact there really going to have a big impact on me. I’m going to be getting fit, making sure I eat proper and regular meals, saving money and creating new dishes which is one of my favourite mood-boosting activities on top of it all.

I feel like this is probably a big enough update for one post, and it gives me a few more topics to come in with later in the week & next.

Until then,



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