Vegan pizza date // wb: 24.05.17

Celebratory cocktails, Rouge One, new job, aquarium visits and a vegan pizza date night – very satisfactory first week of summer.

Last week I finally got my life back, no more exam stress or assignment deadlines; just me, my boyfriend, my new job and lots of Summer trip planning. My final exam aside the week didn’t start off too badly, who can complain about a few rounds of drinks with my most loved geography buds to mark the finish line of our third year of uni survival. 

For it being technically the first week of my Summer, I’d say it was rather productive. I started my new job, so now my excessive spending can hopefully be justified – particularly considering I have already tallied up a substantial amount of Zara debt in my head already – and payday isn’t for another 3 weeks…
But of course, in my head I have already earned my hourly wage therefore what better way to celebrate my first weekend back as a working woman than a little day trip to the seaside followed by a delish vegan pizza date night at Zizzi’s.

So this was my first time at Zizzi’s but I’ve been dying to go for ages, ever since I found out they offered a full vegan menu – legit the only place in a long time where I haven’t struggled to actually eat a meal. As a die-hard pizza lover, I was not disappointed, topped with vegan cheese, black olives, mushrooms and butternut squash I was in pizza heaven. And just because I cannot turn down extra dough, a vegan garlic pizza bread on the side – all finished off with a dark chocolate and pecan tart w. coconut gelato and a classic americano to conclude. Will be returning, frequently.

Apart from a few little wondering around town it was a pretty chill week; I feel like all I did was power down my brain after it overloading on me the last few weeks, by binging on Netflix and eating. Classic.





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