Super green soup – kale & broccoli // Recipe

The cold has officially started to catch up with me, and with my first set of final degree exams coming up not to mention an internship placement & of course Christmas coming up – this is not the time to be feeling either drained or ill.

My solution is of course, filling myself up with lots of green goodness. I love soup recipes especially in the Winter – when it’s cold and dark outside and I can just curl around a big hot bowl of deliciousness for comfort.

This is actually one of my go-to soups, 1 for the fact that it always makes me feel super positive and healthy when I’m eating it & 2 because it’s very cheap to make.


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Vegan french toast // Recipe​

Brunch to me is thee most idealistic meal. It’s actually my favourite thing to eat out for, I always think that going anywhere at brunch o’clock has a different vibe to it – everyone is so much more upbeat, possibly because of the extra few hours in bed they didn’t have to forfeit to make a breakfast date…

My favourite thing about brunch is that it’s so casual. Nothing has to be fancy, for me it’s all about being comfortable, long conversations and great coffee. However, this little brunch setting took place in the middle of my living room floor, complete with pj’s and the night before’s messy bun.


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